PIXAR PR / MEDIA 90210 is a boutique multi media content firm, with a diverse work experience in creating TV/Print commercials and short form video content, offering film post production services, alongside developing and executing customized marketing and PR campaigns in a field of beauty and health industry, establishing remarkable results.

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Deona Lewis | @leonalewis | d.walden@pixarpr.com Ted Riley Music | @teddyriley1 | d.walden@pixarpr.com Natasha Kojic | @natashakeymusic | d.walden@pixarpr.com Yoshi Campaigns | @yoshi | Tasha Frank Campaigns | @tashafrank | d.walden@pixarpr.com Priscilia - weekly favorite | d.walden@pixarpr.com Stella Campaigns | @stellaia1 | d.walden@pixarpr.com

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